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The Learn Ubuntu Laptop Store Buyers Guide

Affordable laptops for Students

Our goal here is to provide affordable laptops for students worldwide who are taking our courses. When you purchase a laptop from Learn Ubuntu Org. Inc. you get much more than just the laptop. You also get a 1 year bronze membership at https://classrooms.learnubuntu.org. That means that, among other benefits, you can sign up for as many of our beginners courses as you like, at no charge for 1 year. The only restriction on that is that you have to complete each course before you sign up for another one. You can also extend your membership by signing up for another year of membership to continue, or upgrade your membership at any time. Our higher levels of membership allow you to take multiple courses simultaneously.

Learn Ubuntu Org LogoFor more information about Learn Ubuntu memberships you can click the icon on the left. The  point is that if you purchasing a laptop from us you get the first year of bronze membership, and all of the other benefits of that membership for free, for the first year. If you later on want to take any of our intermediate or advanced courses then you should consider our gold or platinum memberships which include the advanced courses. Of course you can always just take a course by signing up and paying for it anytime, so you don't have to feel like you have to join.  We would like our members to want to join rather than feeling like they had to.

The computers we show here are for a point of reference for you. We provide you with these sample descriptions because we want you to be an informed customer that makes their purchase decision based on the fact rather than some slick sales gimmicks. Here, by viewing these sample descriptions you can get an idea about  the things that make one computer better than another based on things like:

  • processor type and speed
  • the amount of RAM memory
  • the size of the hard drive
  • the display resolution
  • Network connectivity (does it have WiFi?)
  • Other optional features such as web cam, SD memory card slot, USB , Firewire, etc

Learn Ubuntu Store LogoBy reviewing this information first you will be better informed to make a purchase of one of our computers, or for that matter any computer on Ebay. Of course, only the computers sold by Learn Ubuntu Org will include our membership, our fair-deal warranty,  and free access to our courses.  The actual computers for sale are listed in our Ebay store which you can access via this link, or click on the laptop  icon image to the left. All transactions are done via Ebay and PayPal for your security and protection.

For the sake of argument we will assume that you are a beginner and you have come here to get help getting started with Ubuntu Linux. Now the question is how much do you want to spend on your first Ubuntu Linux Laptop or more important , how much can you afford to spend.

As we advertise our Ubuntu laptops start as low as 79.00 each which would cover the cost of a used laptop, similar to the one shown on the right with Ubuntu Linux standard desktop installed.  This particular laptop is a core 2 with 80 gig hard drive and 1 gigabyte of RAM. It also has an Ethernet port as well as a WiFi network. It does not have a webcam, although you can always add on a USB webcam if that is one of your requirements. 

In order to sell this laptop for this price it comes with a limited warranty. That is 60 days from date of shipment to you. In fact you can return this within 60 days for any reason if you are unhappy with it for a full refund or exchange.

After that we will repair this for you for up to 1 year if you pay for parts and shipping, providing you return it to us for repair which is really a pretty good deal.

Dell D510 Laptop

As long as you are an active Learn Ubuntu member you will never pay

any labour costs for your laptop repairs, ever.

logoThe Learn Ubuntu Members 'fair deal' warranty

We want you Learn Ubuntu Experience to be a good one so here is an outline of our warranty and technical support policies that will help you to have a good experience.

  • 60 day no-excuses satisfaction return for full refund (excluding shipping costs)  for any reason
  • Lifetime Membership technical support. As long as you are an active member the tech support facilities we offer are free.
  • Parts cost only repairs for your laptop for all active Learn Ubuntu Members

Keep in mind that these are not new laptops and sooner or later they may need repair. Many Ubuntu Users pride them selves on being technically savvy and being able to do things for themselves. Unlike many other organizations that will void your warranty as soon as you remove one screw from the case we encourage our members to DIY. We also provide our on-line technical support for free as long as you are an active bronze, or higher, member of Learn Ubuntu Org.  Many Ubuntu users are do-it-yourself types and we can and will help you when you need it.  There you can post your issues to our forums and we will do our best to assist you via those forums at no additional cost to you.There is a certain satisfaction when you do it yourself and we understand that at Learn Ubuntu Org.

Dell Latitude E6410

Another feature of our laptops for student program is that when you outgrow you laptop and want to upgrade we will take you laptop back in trade at a pro-rated value. This means that, as an active bronze or higher member, you can get up to 80% of the cost you paid for your old laptop from us in trade towards your newer one, and you will know that your laptop is not ending up in a land fill somewhere, rather it will be recycled to provide an opportunity for another student.

Shown on the left is one of our higher end laptops. This is a Dell Latitude E6410 which has a 120G hard drive and Ubuntu Studio X-64 for the operating system. This also has the popular Non Linear Video Editing Application, cinelerra-cv,  which was installed from source code to guarantee optimum performance. This laptop has 2 Gigabyte of RAM and has an Intel Core i5 processor.

We offer a laptop of this quality for a cost of approximately 249.00 and, since this is a high end laptop  it also includes a 1 year gold membership, which qualifies for beginner and intermediate courses at Learn Ubuntu Org. It carries the same 'fair deal' warranty as our other laptops. Of course we can upgrade any laptop for you by request by increasing the hard drive or RAM at a slightly higher cost. 

ubuntu flavors

We will also install any flavor of Ubuntu Linux that you would like, on your laptop, for you at no additional cost.

If you see a laptop that we offer and it has Ubuntu Standard desktop and you would rather have that same laptop with Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Gnome-Ubuntu, or Kubuntu on it we will be happy to oblige and ship you your laptop with your choice of Ubuntu distribution or flavor.

And we guarantee that all of the hardware will function properly and you will not have to hassle with getting things to work yourself. Its hard to start out new and not have things working properly so we take care of this by thoroughly testing that all of the hardware on all of our laptops before they are shipped.