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Moodle courseware on learn ubuntu logoAbout our Courses at Learn Ubuntu Org

Our Philosophy

  • Learning Should be fun as well as interesting.
  • All courses are based on Linux and GNU based Free and Open Source Applications. If you learn a skill here you will never have to held handsome for an expensive software upgrade as often happens with Commercially Licensed Software
  • There are many flavors of Ubuntu Linux as well as applications that are available to get just about any computer based task done. Whether you are into multimedia production, application and web development, or you just need some basic applications to run your business, Ubuntu can help and our job is to help you learn how to use it.
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what came first the chicken or the egg

We understand that trying to learn about computers can be a daunting task and often it is hard to find the starting point. Sometimes it feels like the chicken or egg syndrome and you are just not sure where to start.

There are so many acronyms and terms and it is easy to get hung up in one particular area unnecessarily.

Each course is laid out with sections in a specific order so that you can build on your knowledge and understanding as you go.

  • Use the readings section to take your time and study the material. Read it more than once if necessary that is perfectly OK and normal
  • Then use the lab sections to roll up your sleeves and get some real hands on experience with what we are trying to learn
  • Finally, to see if you have really learned and understood enough of the material, before moving on to the next section, perform the self assessment exercises to test your knowledge.

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In each of these sections we use detailed descriptions as well as many demonstration video clips that you can view to see how things are supposed to work. Each lab exercise has a video demo to view first so you know how it is supposed to work for you, followed by detailed, step by step instructions that cover the material we are trying to learn.

Below is an outline of courses we currently offer and courses that are a work in progress

course logo Learn Ubuntu Basics for Beginners is an introductory, Beginner Level, course for the student who has no experience with a PC or the Ubuntu Linux desktop PC system.
course logo Ubuntu Internet Fundamentals introduces the student to the Internet and covers basic HTML skills in programming web pages.This is a Beginner Level Course
course logo Ubuntu Programming Concepts with JavaScript is a course that has two goals. First to teach basic programming concepts to students in an environment that is both simple and inexpensive. Second is to prepare the student for web development as in our courses Ubuntu Lamp Web Developer I and Ubuntu Lamp Web Developer II. In this course we will learn basic programming techniques that span many popular programming languages. All you need for this course is a basic text editor and a web browser. This course is currently under development 
course logo Ubuntu Introduction to Java Programming is a course for learning entry level skills of programming with the Java Language. This course or equivalent is a necessary prerequisite for the Android Workshop II course. This course is currently under development
course logo Vidiots Guide to Multimedia Production with Ubuntu Studio teaches high end production skills for web based, and streaming  audio / video media production.
course logo Ubuntu Android Workshop I is a course that teaches the basics of how the Android Operating system works. Demonstrates how to use the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to get into the underpinnings of your android device. This course also teaches basic repair techniques for Android devices including ROM flashing and rooting skills for the Android Operating system and devices. This course is currently under development.
course logo Ubuntu Android Workshop II picks up where the first course left off and continues with demonstrations including how to install the Android SDK and how to setup the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment and begin to learn how to create apps for Android devices. We also cover the Android Virtual Device creation and management for development. A good pre-requisite for this course is our Java Programming I and II courses or a previous knowledge of the Java Programming Language. This course is currently under development.
course logo Running Oracle Virtual Box on Ubuntu Linux is a course that is a pre-requisite for  the Administration courses. In that course we actually create a small and fully functional Virtual Computer Lab with several machines networked together within the VirtualBox System. Techniques learned in this class will be helpful for students who may only have a single workstation but would like to learn more in an environment where several Linux machines work together.
course logo Ubuntu Administration I  is a course for the intermediate level student. This course covers some more advanced topics on the Ubuntu Linux operating system, on a workstation, as well as describing some of the basic administration tasks. It can also be followed by the Ubuntu Administration II course that focuses on more advanced administration techniques and Ubuntu Servers. This course is currently under development.
course logo Ubuntu Administration II course picks up where the Administration I course leaves off. This course deals more with networking and client server applications and advance Administration Techniques such as repository management, building an application from source code, and much more. This course is currently under development.
course logo Ubuntu PC Repair is a course which is more oriented to hardware repair and upgrades of the PC as a preparation for a support PC technician career. This course is currently under development.
course logo Ubuntu Web / ISP Manager is a course that teaches administration skills for managing an Internet Services company that hosts web sites for clients and also may provide Internet connectivity for businesses and secure WAN connectivity and transactions.
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Ubuntu LAMP Web Developer I Introduces programming basics to the student / reader to the basics of Linux, Apache, MySql, and Php programming skills for advanced web site creation. This course is currently under development.

course logo Ubuntu LAMP Web Developer II adds to the previous Ubuntu Lamp Web Developer I by adding basic skills in Java, Perl, and JavaScript programming skills for advanced web site creation. This course is currently under development.