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13 Ubuntu Technology Center Overview

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This document will outline the plans for the Ubuntu Technology Center, which is a scalable model for a community based Technology Center and storefront, which can be used to support RACHEL systems along with other Ubuntu Linux and Free Open Source based technology for communities in remote, rural areas, as well as Inner City impoverished neighborhoods by providing education in support of STEM based programs for members of that community.

Many of the paid services offered here will assist in providing the necessary income to support the sustainability of RACHEL systems.

rachel deviceThe RACHEL system which is an acronym that stands for Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning is an appliance, shown on the left, which works as a combination WiFi hotspot and Linux based content server. It contains a 500G storage capacity and will function to deliver educational course content, as well as media in the form of Video, Audio, Interactive Courseware, and an e-book library. Since this is a self contained system it will function to deliver this content to the community without the immediate need for an Internet connection.

If an Internet connection is available then it can be used to update the content for the RACHEL system.

If there is no available Internet connectivity then updates for the system can be shipped to each location, via USB memory sticks or other media than can be administratively connected to the RACHEL file system to provide content updates.

rachel and media clients

As shown in the illustration above, the RACHEL system can provide content to many types of devices for students and community residents access. In reality this behaves as a stand-alone Intra-net system for the community.

wifi repeaterThis system can be expanded out to service the local community by the use of WiFi repeaters to provide service to the community. This way we bring the content into the homes of subscribers, which can be provided at a low monthly cost, which can be initially subsidized by funding but ultimately, once the training has provided employment opportunities these same community members that were once students can now become employees by providing this expanding service to their communities. This can provide an opportunity for those in the area with an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed by following this business model to provide this expanded service to the community.

For this reason we should also provide some media content along with the Educational content. For example a young man or woman may be interested in learning this technology to build a career for themselves but their senior family members would be more interested in using the system to catch up on the world news, sporting events, or to watch a movie.

A model such as this could also use the media entertainment features to provide a platform that could realize advertising revenues for the media services which would also lead to the self sustainability of the overall system.

Advertising revenue can be often though of as something that a non profit organization would not be involved in, however if we consider the benefit of self-sustainability for the RACHEL availability to a community then why not use the potential advertising income to sustain something that is good for the overall community.

It is worth noting that most people would rather watch free content with commercials rather than to pay for it.

Services and Product Sales which can be offered at the Technology Center

  • Sales and Service of RACHEL and RaspberryPi systems

  • Optional Cell Pone Sales and Load sales for existing phones

  • Optional Long Distance Phone Services via Asterisk systems when available

  • Optional Alternate Device sales including:

    • Ubuntu Laptops, Desktops, and Servers

    • Flatscreen TV and Monitors

    • Audio Video equipment and adapters

    • Android Tablets and Smart-phones

    • Home Media Systems such as Kodi and Plex Media Servers

    • Media Transfer Services including

      • audio transfers from CD’s, Audio Cassettes etc.

      • film and video transfers

      • audio and video editing and recording services

      • photo and document scanning and copying

      • faxcimile services

      • Internet File Transfer services

    • Shipping and packing services

Store Policies

  • We service what we sell. The policy of the Center must be that we stand behind all items we sell with a fair guarantee on all new and used products as well. The best customer is a returning customer, who brings their friends.

  • When a customer comes in with a problem they should be referred to the person on staff who can best help them in a courteous and polite manner, even if the customer is upset.

  • As the technology is shared and spread, when other small businesses begin to use this technology we can setup a professional, on location Geek Squad service to assist these customers.

ubuntu store floorplan
Ubuntu Technology Center proposed floorplan

Above is a proposed floor plan for the technology center. Some of the areas worth mention here include to following.

  • Two lighted front windows to display products

  • A wide store entrance to give the feeling to the customer of a big warm welcome.

  • A reception area where customers can be directed and queued for help.

  • A seperate checkout area for sales and payment processing.

  • At the center is a large table-top area where “wizards” can assist and tutor customers who are new to the technology

  • An L-shaped sales counter with lighted display cases behind and glass front display cases below the sales counters.

  • A separate room to be used for classes Internet Cafe’. When classes are not booked it can be used for individual access to Internet (if available) as a café atmosphere

  • Backroom Repair Shop and Equipment Racks