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Wait, don't throw out that old PC, cell phone or tablet!  We can help someone else with that old stuff and you can qualify for a federal tax deduction for your generous donation.

All around the world are brilliant young minds that are thirsty to learn. All they need is a little opportunity and a chance to learn. Our goal is to afford them that opportunity through your generous tax deductible donations.

young man with laptop
Landfill Dump
Look at the picture above and the one on the left. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that recycled, used equipment can be put to good use rather than ending up in a landfill somewhere. True, many areas now have a recycling program for old electronic gear but after the environmentally elements of a device has been removed, you can bet this is where the rest of it will end up.
Shown on the right is a pile-o-computers that have been spared the fate of the landfill above. Many times we can recycle these for our students and teachers but that's not all. WE also have helped other non-profit organizations by providing them with recycled computers, such as the Moose Lodge in Jackson, NJ.  pile-o-computers

We have also been in working with a prominent Asset Management Company here in South Jersey that specializes in recycling of used PC's and laptops from corporate clients. For a starting cost of less than 100.00 per student we could provide a fully functional Ubuntu Linux PC for their studies.


ubuntu laptopIf you are a student or an instructor that wants to obtain Ubuntu laptops for your students click the icon on the left or follow this link for more information.