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Learn Ubuntu Org Inc

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Learn Ubuntu Org Inc.
1203 Arthur St
Toms River, NJ 08755

email info@learnubuntu.org

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Board of Directors

Tom Judge

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Tom Judge is the founder and CEO of Learn Ubuntu Org Inc. Tom has been involved with Distance Learning Projects since the late 1990's and currently has devoted all of his time to the Learn Ubuntu Project to bring technical education opportunities to students world wide. For more information on him you can see the section that describes our founder separately.

I would like to call your attention, here, to who our board of directors are and the talents they bring to Learn Ubuntu Org Inc.

All of these members serve on the board of directors with no compensation for their post. They bring a huge array of talent to the table and we are happy and blessed to have them as the Learn Ubuntu Org Inc. Board of Directors.

Sidiki Traore

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DE Africa LogoSidiki Traore is currently the President and Founder of Distance Education for Africa (DeAfrica)/Enseignement à Distance pour l’ Afrique (EdAfrique).DeAfrica offers affordable, innovative distance education courses from Canadian and American Universities to students and professionals in Africa. Prior to that, he worked for the African Virtual University (AVU) for 12 years. He occupied the position of Director of the West Africa Regional Office in Dakar of the AVU, in Dakar, Senegal for five years. During the Pilot Phase of the AVU in Washington DC, he introduced the AVU English and French Language programs. Then he served as Program Coordinator for the long semester courses in sciences, math, chemistry, IT and languages

As a Site Liaison Officer, Sidiki was instrumental in opening the AVU Learning centers in numerous African countries such as the Gambia, Guinee –Conakry, Guinee-Bissau, Cameroon, DRC, Malawi, Madagascar; Sudan, Nigeria, Senegal. He has been in the forefront of expanding the AVU in the African continent.

His main goal is to contribute his expertise as a seasoned educator, instructional designer, cross-cultural liaison and translator to the development of quality long-distance education for Africa by developing and strengthening the network of Distance Education for Africa (DeAfrica).

Sidiki is our contact and coordinator for Learning Centers throughout the African continent.

James Judge

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James Judge has been developing websites and web based software since 1997, He describes his beginnings on the world wide web as follows, "... I had a very unique start in the industry building a small dial-up internet service in our basement as a fun father-son project to learn and play in 1995. By 1997 I got my first web development job while our project had turned into a full service ISP that I helped run remotely. Since then I have learned many languages and have become familiar with many operating systems and development platforms."

After 15+ years of software development experience in the New York City metropolitan area he would like to take his knowledge of multiple languages over multiple platforms to the next level. Having a working knowledge of Linux/Unix, Windows and older mainframe systems He is in a position where he can utilize his experience with integration abilities in combination with his software development skills to lead a team to use the best available technologies and solutions while minimizing development costs taking advantage of various open-source systems and languages to support end-users on any platform.

James is a key player is the development of the Learn Ubuntu Website

Full details on my experience can be found on my website at http://www.JamesJudge.info

Gertrudez Alicante-Judge



Gertrudez Alicante-Judge is a board member and Treasurer for Learn Ubuntu Org Inc. She is a graduate of Occidental Negros College, Phillipines specializing in Business and Finance.

Gertrudez will be working both with Learn Ubuntu Org Inc as well as a new mao of the Philippinesnon-profit she is founding in the Visayas area of the Philippines, know as The Visayas Relief Fund. There in cooperation with Learn Ubuntu Org Inc we will be building a virtual classroom and working with local teachers to deliver content to young students via tablets and a moodle based course content server.

Murtala Muhammad


Murtala Muhammad is a board member and heads up our operations in Nigeria He is well versed and experienced in many IT skills including:


Mr. Muhammad has long been involved in bringing technical educational opportunities to the West African Continent including being the Senior Instructor for the  Cisco Training Academy at the Legacy Computer Institute in Kaduna, Nigeria and working on the team of the  United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Project, for Revitalization of Technical and Vocational Education In Nigeria. We are pleased and grateful to have him as a board member.

Eileen Pederson

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Eileen Pederson  brings 30+ years of experience in the broadcasting industry to the table.  She is a native New Yorker currently residing in Beverly Hills, CA.  Ms. Pederson has been at the forefront of the industry designing state of the art facilities since the early 90’s.  She has been a Chief Engineer since 1987 as the Chief of one of the first High Definition facilities in the world.  She has also been the lead designer for both ABC and CBS HD broadcasting systems.  Currently, she is working as a consultant in the Los Angeles area working on the integration of mobile, internet and broadcast technologies.

William F. McGuigen
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William F. McGuigen is an engineering  graduate of the California Institute of the Arts with a Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Film and Video, 1980. He also holds a B.A in Art and a B.S. in Art Education from Millersville State College, Pennsylvania and an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences from Delaware County Community College.

He has worked for ABC Television Network, Phoenix Communications, of Hackensack NJ, Tri-State Media Suburban Cable Newcastle, Delaware, and as Technical Coordinator for Burlington County Community College Pemberton, New Jersey.

Willie and I put our heads together to design the Green Room, a small Television Production Facility of Learn Ubuntu Org Inc, which is where we create all of the Video clips seen on the Learn Ubuntu Website.

Willie is also a collector of antique Radio's and Televisions.

Elizabeth Judge

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Betsy at great adventureElizabeth Judge says, "...Education should be an Adventure!"

Like my brother, James, I also was involved with my fathers early endeavours with the Internet. Although I am not into the code writing, like my brother, my experience, beginning at age 16, was working as my dad's administrative assistant, at his ISP back in the late 1990's. That was both an education as well as an adventure. Elizabeth is  currently working on her dual majors in Education and Ecological Science at William Patterson University, New Jersey.

"..I am especially proud to be a part of the Learn Ubuntu Org. Inc Green initiative for recycling computers to students throughout the world. And delivering technical education for students in developing nations, as well as students here in the United States." As a future educator I wonder, "..Who knows, maybe one of these students that get a pc will create the code that solves one of the many worldwide ecological or social issues of the future....".
My dad is hoping for a student who could write the code for the future warp drive for a spaceship. "Beam me up Scotty..."
I guess my hopes may a be a little more down to earth than my dad's, but harold with laptopeither way the Green Initiative is just one of the public service initiatives of Learn Ubuntu Org Inc. that I'm proud to be a part of.
One of my goals in education is to make learning an interesting and exciting adventure for students. Through the use of multimedia and web technology we can deliver courses for students worldwide that will stimulate their imaginations and inspire them to do great things for the future of humanity.

Ray and Judy Valente

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Ray Valenti and his Wife Judith have worked together as a team for decades. We didn't have the heart to split them up, so we invited them both to be board members.

Raymond Valente: “Being a part of the learning experience for this organization is an honour and a privilege.”

 Mr. Valente has been an innovator and educator for the communications community for many years. He has created quality media presentations and attention getting promotional materials, including print, multi-image, video and print projects for many venues, including Fortune 500 companies. 

"..Determining the objective of the student, and how best to communicate this to them is paramount to understanding the Ubuntu program and all of its benefits to the user." To this end, the Speech Pathology background of Mrs.Valente was instrumental in streamlining the approach. 

For over twenty five years, Mr. Valente was founder and President of Insight Associates, a Business Communications company. Mrs. Judith Valente was also instrumental in running this important organization. Insight Associates produced many media presentations including slide shows, audio programs and major video tape programs for (among many) companies such as:

  • P.S.E & G. - personnel safety and executive information

  • Witco Chemical – safety and handling of chemical components for employees.

  • EcoLab Inc. – training for proper sanitation procedures and sales approaches to prospective clients.


Judith Valente: "..It is a real joy for me to work on such a socially conscious and worthwhile project."

Judith's  education is in speech and language are fields that have taught her that the psychology of learning is as important as the learning process. "..I find that the educators involved in this project with Ubuntu and Linux programs are involved and dedicated to this new and exciting process."

She has also worked as an editor and proof reader for many projects; technical and in the world of publishing. "...This project will enable me to use my skills and advance the skills of those who would benefit from this terrific program."

Sivaraman Anbarasan

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Sivaraman  Anbarasan is a Hands-on executive with more than thirty years of comprehensive experience in higher education and information technology sectors including a successful entrepreneurial record. Collaborative leader with a passion for efficient and effective administration and operations, creative marketing, accurate financial management, organizational development, and responsible project management. Proven expertise in growing businesses, building strategic relationships and delivering strong fiscal performance.   

He is also responsible for introducing us all to Sidiki Traore through our work with NJIT in the early 2000's for the AVU project.      


Sherwin Winick

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Sherwin P. Winick has been a close associate and friend of our Founder, Tom Judge since they went to High School in the 1960s' They co-owned a small multitrack audio recording studio in Oceanside NY in the early 1970's.

Mr Winick is both an engineer and an artiste as his career history includes the following:

  • Studio maintenance for Right Track Recording, 24th   St. Multitrack Studios
  • Photography and Graphics and design
  • Audio engineering and editing for Auravox Records
  • Videography for “7 Days in September” Documentary (CameraPlanet/Broadcast News Network)
  • Videography for Republican National Convention (CameraPlanet/Broadcast News Network)
  • Video/Audio Studio Maintenance for Reeves Teletape 45th   Street Studios

Tracy Anderson

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Tracy Anderson , beside being an avid tennis fan and a darn good player, has worked in corporate communications, training, and meeting coordination since the 1970's at JC Penny company, then located in New York City.

Tracy is a Administrative business partner with 20+ years management experience addressing issues and leading change within varied and challenging business environments. Proven expertise with all phases of Office Management including: Staff Management, Training and Development, AP/AR/Budgeting/Bookkeeping, Purchasing , Scheduling, Customer Service, Fund Raising, Event Planning, Travel Planning, Conflict Resolution, and Project Management. I will work with your strategic business goals to achieve significant cost savings, process improvements, compliance and outstanding customer service.

Tracy's Key skills include:

  • Strong Oral and Written Communications Skills
  • Experienced Negotiating Skills
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power Point & Access
  • Computer Systems Support
  • Expense Management & Budgeting
  • Notary Public
  • Human Resources & Temporary Staffing Management
  • Certified Travel Planner

Recently Tracy has been involved working for Project Hope as part of the project for the Philippines recovery from the Typhoon that struck the upper Visayans area last year.